Cardio Workouts

A fun new way to exercise for the Burdekin community, the Cardio Workout Program. We will be introducing many of these programs which are extremely popular overseas. We promise more fun than any gym work out while you develop a skill and take in the fresh air.

Cardio Workouts are a fun, physical tennis program designed with fitness in mind for both men and women of all ages, whether you play tennis or not. This program is for people who want a work out rather than a technical lesson. Adults join a group hitting balls while focusing on agility and aerobic endurance ensuring a Cardio work out.

The Cardio Workout Program includes a short dynamic warm-up, a cardio work out phase and a cooling down phase. Work outs are held on a tennis court with music to create that aerobic atmosphere and get the adrenaline pumping. Each phase has drills specifically designed to be fun, challenging and to get you moving and your heart rate pumping. The goal is to get a person’s heart rate in their aerobic training zone for the entire session and keep it there. While Cardio work outs are not designed to make you a great player, you will improve simply because you hit so many forehands, backhands, and volleys while getting a fun, healthy full body work out.  All Cardio Tennis work outs are more of a social experience than other fitness activities.

Cardio has been running at Ayr Tennis since the beginning for 2011. Participants have found amazing results, some loosing up to 3kgs just with Cardio alone. Come along and see for yourself, give it a go you’ll be amazed.

We would like to advise unless you are booked into a class we will not be sending an instructor to the courts, therefore it is essential to contact Aaron to book your preferred time.





5.30pm to 6.30pm

WHERE: 36 Little Drysdale Street, Ayr.

COST: $10.00

INSTRUCTORS: Aaron Klumpp.

CONTACT: Aaron Klumpp on 0419 795 548