Club Rosters

With the rosters we are hoping to reduce the workload for everyone in the club and hopefully say goodbye to most of the working bees. Ayr Tennis is aware everyone in the club is busy, we thank you for your support and know you will do your best in helping to keep the clubhouse and grounds clean and tidy.


We would like to advise that your name will only appear once a year on the GROUNDS roster.

This year we have put 2 families on each week to share the workload, if we keep on top of everything it won’t be a big job for any of us. It’s a good idea to contact the families your rostered on with early in the week to arrange a suitable time for you all.

Copy of Grounds Roster is available in the clubhouse as well as website.


It would be appreciated if parents are able to walk around checking matches are on track and players are behaving.  It is much appreciated if you can keep an eye on all players, not just your own.

Just a reminder - it is a requirement of Ayr Tennis Junior fixtures, that players must report to the clubhouse upon arrival.  Players are not to leave the grounds until they have reported to the clubhouse whether they are with a parent or not. This is for the safety of all children.