Grounds Roster


The club thanks you for your support and would like to advise that your name will only appear once a year on the roster.

This year we have put 2 families on each week to share the workload, if we keep on top of everything it won’t be a big job for any of us. It’s a good idea to contact the families your rostered on with early in the week to arrange a suitable time for you all.

There is a full copy of the roster with contact details and what you need to do inside the clubhouse. You have been emailed a copy, please print out and stick it on the fridge so you will have everyone’s contact details if you need to swap

Keys can be collected and returned to Glen Griffin (Qld Govt Office, Little Drydale Street (building is across road from clubhouse, and slightly further down). Please call Glen Griffin on 0417 730 576 to arrange convenient time for key pickup.

Please DO NOT open roller doors as they are alarmed, other doors can be opened anytime.

If you are doing the grounds on a Tuesday please put the sulo bins out as the rubbish gets collected Wednesdays.

If you’re not available the week you’re rostered on, it’s important you swap with another member.


  • Mow grounds around clubhouse and all the courts
  • Lightly blow down courts and paths
  • Remove leaf build-up from court fencing
  • Wipper Snip
  • Pickup any fallen tree branches and sticks
  • Trim branches over court fencing
  • Poison around court fencing

Mower is in the clubhouse, keys for the mower, fuel, blower and gardening equipment are in the store room. Please leave a note if fuel is running low. If you see anything else that needs doing please feel free to go ahead.

Please Note:


15 – 28 Ben Wharton

Brendan Bourke


29 – 12

John Gooding

Roxburgh Family

(Nate and Julian, Val)

12 – 26 Steve Barton

Michelle Briant

27 – 9 Win Aung

Emily Coad

10 – 23 Paul Scott

Brian and Pam Baxter