Players must be punctual in order to get through matches before their training starts at 4.30pm.

Terms & Conditions:  Please read carefully

  • Players must be punctual if we are to get through matches before coaching starts.
  • If unable to attend you MUST contact info@ayrtennis.com.au ASAP so matches aren’t held back waiting and replacements can be sort.
  • Teams on a bye must still attend, to fill in for players who are away.
  • All balls must come back to the clubhouse once match has finished.  When you are given 2 balls 2 balls MUST BE RETURNED.
  • Players must advise Machelle of your arrival and NO ONE is to leave the courts before reporting to Machelle, whether your with a parent or not.
  • There will be prizes given to the winning teams at the end of each term. These prizes have been generously donated by McDonalds. 
  • Players on a bye will still play amongst themselves if not filling in for players away.
  • Bye teams can’t earn points that week.


Rostered on to clean the clubhouse and grounds this week are the C. White, Harch and Murphy families. It’s important to contact each other early to organize a suitable time.  Please refer to your roster or website. Please swap with someone if you are not available.

Rostered on to supervise junior fixtures are Leanne White, Maree Escriva and Simone Casey-Young. It’s important you swap with someone if you are not available refer to your roster for contact details.

Ayr Tennis Association Inc. Draw for McDonalds Junior Fixtures 02.06.11.

Djokovic ` v Williams, Federer v Stosur, NO bye Team.

Roddick v Molik, Clijsters v Hewitt, Na on the bye.

3.30pm – Singles: B. Escriva v M. Devow,

                              H. Oats v L. Giarrusso,

                              B. Corlis v Z. Oar,

                              H. Casey v J. Catalano,

                              T. Harch v L. McCulloch,

                              E. Chapple v J. Spelta,

                              I. Murphy v Z. Feeney

                              K. Meloni v T. Lawrence,

3.45pm – Singles: J. Crouther v H. Worlein,

                              L. Reguson v R. Catalano,

                              J. Castray v K. Heuir,

                              J. Giardina v C. White,

                              P. Rossow v P. Spark,

                              K. Napier v J. Casswell,

                              J. Conway v C. Giardina,

                              J. Penny v S. Clive,

                              J. Hawkins v J. Lambie-Fabbro.