Draws for Term 2: TBA

Terms & Conditions: Please read carefully

  • It is the players own responsibly to find a replacement no later then Wednesday, if unable to play on Thursday. Consult replacements of your seed first, e.g. if you’re seed 1 consult with seed 1 on a bye first, and then go to the fill in list and consult your seed.  Only contact Joe Pavone on 0428 778 180 for replacements if you have exhausted all avenues.
  • If fill-ins don’t have a current membership with Ayr Tennis they will be charged the $10.00 casual rate to play.
  • Players are responsible for contacting Joe Pavone on 0428 778 180 around 7pm if weather is bad to see if fixtures have been cancelled.
  • Ball fees are to be paid prior to start of play each week.
  • Players must arrive by 7.15pm at least for a 7.30pm start.
  • Players are not to take score cards until you have found your partner and team you are playing.
  • Balls must be left at the net when finished the first set.
  • Players must bring balls into clubhouse when play has finished for the night.
  • In an attempt to keep ball fees to a minimum, players will be issued new balls fortnightly.
  • Players must have a good time.